Icelandic Fish Oil: Supplement of Youth

Icelandic fish oil products are some of the best in the industry. They contain the right amounts of omega 3 fatty acids along with added vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body, they come from only the freshest and cleanest sources available, and they are processed in such a way that no contaminants are able to infect any of the products or the people who consume them. In addition to this, taking fish oil supplements has also been found to slow down the natural aging process. This is thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids that are present in fish oil and other fish products.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that the body needs. Fish oil contains two main kinds of fatty acids namely eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA, and docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. These two types of omega 3 fatty acids are known to reduce inflammation, along with other health benefits that are related to cardiovascular health and mental health.

Fatty, Oily Fish

icelandic fish oilWhile oily foods are not normally associated with proper diet and good health, oily fish or fatty fish are actually good sources of HDL or high density lipoproteins. HDL’s are known as the good cholesterol as they help remove the bad cholesterol or the low density lipoproteins in the body. In doing so, the good cholesterol prevents plaque or build-up in the blood and arteries which often lead to stroke, heart attack, and other heart diseases. Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, and mackerel have been found to have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are loaded with HDL. These fatty fish are also what are used in making Icelandic fish oil, making them great sources of good cholesterol.

Recommended Intake

Icelandic fish oil is not only a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, but also of the required daily intake that is essential for the body. For the best benefits, it is recommended that a person take in not less than 500mg of omega 3 fatty acids every day. There is also a limit to the allowable amount of fatty acids that a person can take depending on one’s weight. While all fish oil supplements may have the essential omega 3 fatty acids, not all of these supplements contain the right amounts. Too little will not give you the full benefits that these supplements can provide, while too much can lead to side effects for the body. Icelandic fish oil is found to have just the right amounts of these essential fatty acids. This leads to all the good benefits that come with the fatty acids, including better mental health, a healthier heart, and younger looking skin.

Anti-Aging Properties

Another property that has been found in Icelandic fish oil because of their omega 3 fatty acids content is its ability to lower inflammation levels. This lowered level of inflammation allows the body to preserve and even lengthen its telomeres. Telomeres are DNA segments that shorten over time as the body ages. In effect, as the telomeres are preserved, the aging process is also slowed down. This, along with the lower risk of heart diseases and other health problems are reasons why fish oils have been found to be the supplements of youth.

Author Bio
Dr. Gordon is the founder of the Gordon Research Institute and the School of Advanced Nutritional & Medical Research. A foremost leader and expert in the importance of blending Homeopathic and Traditional medical treatments, Dr. Gordon recommends Icelandic Fish Oil.

Things You Need to Know about Credit Card Debt Relief Telemarketers

Today, there have already been many laws passed about telemarketers making unsolicited calls to increase sales. However, this is still the favorite method of many industries including credit card debt relief. They consider telemarketing as a marketing strategy to encourage more people to avail of their services and become debt-free. For people out there who receive such calls, beware of this calls. Don’t easily fall for that pushy salesman because there is a chance that you might end up in a bigger debt. Here are some things that you should know about these telemarketers:

They have no idea what they are talking about

When a credit card debt relief telemarketer is trained, they will only be told about the great things about the company and their services. They will only be told how perfectly fitting their services is to everyone no matter their situation. But in reality, like debt settlement for example, most of such company’s services are only applicable to people $10,000 or more debt. Their trainers leave out an important information: the effect of this service to the consumer’s credit score. Even if debt settlement may seem like a great option to get out of debt, this is not a solution fitting for everyone’s unique situation. Remember that there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to getting out of credit card debt.

They are paid through commissions

Most of the time, credit card debt relief telemarketer is desperate to make a sale which is why they will try so hard to convince you to avail of their services. This is because they earn their salary through commissions. This means that the more sales they generate, the higher their salary will be. On the downside, if they don’t make a sale, they don’t have a salary as well. Because of this payment plan, the salesman thinks he needs to make a sale with every person he talks to in order for him to generate a good paycheck, which is why they will really try so hard to convince you until you are annoyed already.

Quotas and Sales Demands

Credit card debt relief telemarketers are demanded by their companies a sales quota. They have a set number of services or products to sell each month and if they don’t reach their quota, it could either be they get a small paycheck or nothing at all. This is another reason why they will bug you and convince you as hard as they can just to get you to avail of the products and services they offer because if they don’t generate the amount of sales they need in a month, there are adverse effects they have to face.

Getting out of credit card debt is certainly an enticing proposal any credit card holder would want to hear about. However, one must be aware of credit card debt relief telemarketers who may take advantage of your situation. Weigh the pros and cons first before deciding if you need their services or not.

CuraDebt is amongst debt settlement companies that specializes in providing credit card debt relief.

How To Tell If Your Business Is Ready For Online Chat Service

An online chat service is an integral part of any online business because it backs transactions with live support and personal guarantee. The truth is, sending an e-mail to a ticketing system isn’t enough for online customers. They want real time answers and a face to associate those answers with. That said, there are key aspects that businesses need to understand before starting their own chat services.

Determine Type of Service
An online chat service is usually used to answer questions of customers. However, it can also be used for product demonstrations and sales pitches.  Others use the service for conference meetings or group chats. That said, knowing what type of service a company needs is essential when choosing software to purchase. Simply put, the more complicated the service required, the better the software should be.

Consider Operating Hours
If a business wants to commit to an online chat service, it needs to be prepared for a 24 hour operation. That’s because unlike offices, websites don’t close after 5 pm. This means that a person can still be browsing the website during the wee hours of the night.

Considering this, a business needs to know when and how often customers actually visit the site. By using analytics software, customers can know what time or day customers visit the site the most. For instance if the company finds that customer only visit from 9-5, they can schedule the live chat service to operate from 9-5 as well. On the other hand, if the company has customers from all over the world, the company should maintain 24 hour operations in order to compensate for the different time zones.

Assess Hosting Capability
If a company has adequate servers, it can make use of an online chat service that doesn’t need hosting. This will cut back on the costs of the service. However, if the company’s computers can’t support massive traffic and data, it may be best to find a service that’s hosted externally. Of course, this means the company has to pay monthly or yearly hosting fees.

Evaluate CSR Experience
Customer Service Representatives may have people skills that are enough to deal with customers face to face, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have the knowledge to operate a new online chat service. This means companies need to evaluate the abilities of their CSRs so they know what type of service to get or if their employees need additional training

Check Existing Finances
An online chat service can cost anywhere from $15 to $1000 per month, especially if it’s hosted externally. In addition, these systems need monthly maintenance. And to top it off, companies may need to purchase new hardware or software to support their new systems. All of these cost money. So a company needs to evaluate its finances before considering chat services.

Tips for Arranging Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

Contemporary outdoor furniture is the way to go for many home owners. This not only adds beauty to your home but also allows you extra sitting space and somewhere to enjoy the outdoors during the nice weather. When you are buying outdoor furniture, you need to choose carefully. If you do not make the right decision when choosing furniture, arranging it might be a challenge. Therefore, you need to consider things such as space and the setup you want.

Once you have the contemporary outdoor furniture, you want to arrange it in a manner that maximizes on the space that you have. There are different settings you can have such as a dining set up where you can be serving food. On the other hand, you can just settle for an informal lounging area for relaxing. The arrangements will be different for these setups so you have to make up your mind about it before you start placing the furniture pieces in place.

A useful tip when arranging contemporary outdoor furniture is to ensure there is enough space between the pieces. This is an area where you will be entertaining other people and you need to ensure that they can sit comfortably. Therefore, you need to consider leaving enough space for legroom. If you are going to use the area for dining, you need to ensure that people can comfortably eat from the table without straining.

It is also advisable to set up the furniture in one central place that you can use for entertaining as opposed to scattering the pieces all over the yard. An excellent place to put your contemporary outdoor furniture is the patio. However, when you are arranging furniture on the patio, you need to be careful not to obstruct any pathways. Make sure that the doors open comfortably and the furniture is not in the way since that can hurt people when they are walking through.

If you are setting up your contemporary outdoor furniture by the pool, you need to allow room between the water and the furniture. You do not want water splashing on you as you are enjoying a book by the poolside. Therefore, you might consider placing the furniture at a safe distance where those swimming will not worry about splashing water. These few tips are useful in helping you make the most of your outdoor furniture and have beautiful entertainment spaces outdoors.

Misting fans-an easy way to escape the heat

Misting fans are specially designed for the outdoor gatherings and parties. The heat in the summers is sometimes unbearable and there are certain events that cannot be postponed on account of weather. Therefore for summer gatherings these fans are perfect.

You might wonder how these fans work. Well the mechanism behind this is that the ultrafine water droplets, present in the misting fans are introduced in the atmosphere and those water droplets absorb the heat and turn to steam therefore the temperature is cooled down and this process is called evaporative cooling.

This particular process is the reason why many people prefer misting fans rather than ordinary fans. You see, ordinary fans can only spread the warm air around. They do not actually cool down the temperature. Whereas misting fans do make the atmosphere more pleasant. The temperature would be cooled down; you could sit outdoors for as long as you want. Plus you won’t even have to worry about getting wet from all that mist. Because these fans have a system that evaporates the mist before it settles down on the ground.

Misting fans are cheap and affordable and their power consumption is very less. Your bills are not affected by these fans. An ordinary fan consumes a lot of power and when you consider the fact that those fans don’t offer any comfort and that they don’t even lower down the temperature, then the amount you pay for them is like throwing away your hard-earned money.

Moreover, ordinary fans just work indoors and they can’t be carried from one part of the house to another. So another major benefit of having misting fans is that they are portable. You can take it anywhere you want and whenever you want.  So if you look over all the benefits, you have an affordable, comfortable, less power consuming, portable and easy to use object, plus you also have a way to beat that unbearable heat. You get all of this in one thing. So why go buy an ordinary fan or spend extravagant amounts on air conditioning when you can have all the comfort you want through misting fans.

No doubt after looking over all these benefits you would want a misting fan for yourself. Well, buying it is a simple procedure. They come in different styles and sizes. The actual part you should consider when buying misting fans is the fan base. That is the place where the water is stored. If you want to use the misting fan for long time period then obviously you need to get them in a larger size so that more water is stored. For industrial purposes you will definitely need something bigger as it will have to run for almost the whole day and plus the industrial areas are quite huge. Also, most people would prefer portable fans so always go for something that’s easy to carry around. So, buy a misting fan to get rid of all that summer heat and make your summer enjoyable!

How to Get Expert SAP consulting to Boost Your Business

If you feel that your business is lagging behind, you could be missing something very vital. With the aid of SAP consulting services, you could turn your fortunes around. These services have been proven to work in handling various business projects. You can acquire managed and hosted ERP solutions to keep your business on the right path to success.

The consulting services can combine outstanding IT experience, viable industry solutions and global capabilities to provide you with innovative solutions to your business needs. You business will be boosted with the help of superior methodology to collaborate with you in building, hosting and managing information systems that run your business.

You can obtain custom-made service levels that will ensure effective operations of your business. You should aim to deal with a company that has earned the highest certifications in the industry.  The company should be able to leverage its level of experience to boost your business strategy with the aid of superior technology. This should be geared towards reducing your cost and risk as you operate at the highest levels of service.

With SAP consulting applications, you can easily manage your company’s financial future. The application will enable your business to remain relevant in the global market. This will be possible by finding better ways to manage processes that are vital to your business goals. The superior performance of management applications you will receive from the SAPs will provide you with effective solutions for your business needs. This will be done by integrating strategy and execution into a smooth process.

SAP consulting involves integrating SAP and non-SAP systems of carrying out transactions. The applications can be used independently to deliver great value. They can be used to deliver low cost ownership and deployment by integrating effective financial and operational processes.

You should utilize SAP consulting effectively to ensure that you achieve a reliable and secure performance. The performance should be manageable and predictable to enable you to plan on how to utilize the internal resources.

The best consulting services will provide you with insight on how to boost your business with the efficient hosting, cloud and infrastructure. The SAP consulting service provider will give you browser-based access to various applications. Some of the best services you can receive include backup and recovery, performance tuning, SAP environment monitoring and interface management. With such services at your disposal, your business can only move upward.

White-hat SEO Services to Use on Your Site

There is an ongoing debate about what makes some SEO services white-hat and other SEO services black-hat, but generally speaking it is always a good idea to follow Google’s “Best Practices”. By following the ethical guidelines that Google and other search engines recommend, you can ensure that your site is not going to be punished by future algorithm updates. Here are a few white-hat tweaks that you can make to your site that will help search engines find and index it. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about these techniques coming back and haunting you later!

1. Create unique, accurate page titles.

Having unique and creative page titles can help you stand out in the search engine results, but only if they accurately describe your content. Because page titles show up on the search results page, Google tries very hard to make sure that only relevant pages are displayed. If you are familiar with coding, it can be very beneficial to your website to add a “title” tag to every individual page on your website. This will enable the spiders that crawl your website to accurately catalogue all of your content.

2. Make use of the “description” meta tag.

Optimizing meta data for webpages is one of the more advanced SEO services, but also one of the most valuable. When search engines display results, they usually display an accompanying description of each page. The content of these little blurbs is an on-site adjustment that can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic that clicks on your link. People can read little snippets about your pages and decide whether or not they want to visit your site. These little snippets also help Google and other search engines correctly index the content of your website.

3. Improve the structure of your URLs.

URLs, when properly optimized, display relevant information about the content of websites. It is important to relay what your website is about as quickly as possible, and putting valuable information into your URLs can be very effective. This is one of many easy SEO services that can make your website easier to read for both humans and robots. Including keywords in URLs and having an organized URL structure will encourage indexing and result in higher rankings. Once on the first page of Google, these same easy-to-understand URLs will be more attractive to humans who are new to your website.

Shopping for a Basement Dehumidifier

One of the places in our homes where humidity seems to collect is the basement.  With the humidity levels in the basement high it is possible for mold and mildew to begin growing, which can then be hazardous to our health.  It is important that the moisture in the basement be removed if only for purposes of better health.  A basement dehumidifier is the unit for the job.  It sucks out all the excess moisture in the air making it a place where mold and mildew can no longer grow.  It also becomes a better and more comfortable space for you and your family to spend time in.

When you go shopping for a basement dehumidifier you will need to consider the various features and options available to you in the various models you will find on display.  Some of the things you want to look at are things like a humidistat which will allow you to set the humidity level you prefer.  In addition to that you may want to ensure that the unit comes with auto shut off once the humidity level has been attained.  Automatic shut off is a great way to save money.  You can also get those that shut off after a specific amount of time.  You can set it to run for 2 hrs and then shut off for 2 hrs based on what you need.

Look also at the controls that you have to work with both analog and digital as well as how much the unit will consume has it works.  The capacity of the basement dehumidifier is also essential.  How big an area can it efficiently dehumidify? You want to make sure that the unit is the right size for your basement. Manufacturer and customer reviews will also be a great thing to consider just so you can see what experiences others have had with the unit you are looking to own.

One of the best places to find basement dehumidifier reviews is on sites where professionals post their reviews on consumer products that they have tested.  In looking at reviews however, you should be conscious that some of these companies hire people to right positive reviews.  If you have friends or family that has used these kinds of units in the past, they may be the best people to speak to and get suggestions from.  Remember that these should only act as guides as you work towards making your decision on the best unit for your needs.

Useful Facts about Steroids Alternatives

Steroids are hormones. There are different types in the market and can be prescribed by the doctor for several uses. However, use of steroids to enhance strength, muscle or tone your body is illegal. People in sports have been accused of abusing steroids and some have faced bans from the sport as a result of this. Steroids allow someone to get muscle and strength faster than having to work hard in the gym. This makes them very tempting for anyone who needs to build their strength and muscle. The development of steroid alternatives is seen as a way to prevent people from abusing anabolic steroids. These steroids work like anabolic steroids but they are supplements that will help your body increase muscle mass in order to increase your strength.

Most anabolic steroids are illegal unless prescribed by the doctor. However, these steroid alternatives can be obtained over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. They are mostly herbal and will be sold in health stores in steroidal formulas. It is important to know the type that you are looking for before buying one. Different steroids perform different functions in your body. It is important to note that while these steroid alternatives help in increasing muscle mass and stamina, they are not a quick fix solution. You will still have to eat healthy and work out. It is important to note that muscle development is as a result of increased protein synthesis and a positive nitrogen balance. The alternatives help your body do this. They do this by increasing your metabolism and function of your thyroid gland.

Steroid alternatives are also responsible for increasing protein synthesis in your body. They also assist you in quick recovery after an intense work out. In addition, they will help in rebuilding and repairing your muscles. These are basically the same things that anabolic steroids do in your body. However, these alternatives are legal and they are not banned. It is impossible to get away with the use of illegal steroids. Therefore, the best option is to try these legal supplements instead. Notably, these alternatives are supplements. Therefore, they have no side effects. This means that you can take them without fear of endangering your health. Most of them are made from naturally occurring herbs that have been processed to get optimum results. These alternatives offer a legal, healthy and safe option for getting your body into shape.

The Predictive Dialer- How it Works Including its Benefits

Call centers are very busy working environments that require proper technology to enhance productivity of workers. One of the brilliant inventions that have changed operations in call center s is the predictive dialer. This is a system that automatically initiates outbound calls in a speedy and accurate manner. It is a very valuable investment in a call center that handles high volume of calls on a daily basis.

It is easy to understand how the predictive dialer works. First, it initiates the call by dialing a number then waits for a response. This system has a unique ability to differentiate when a live agent answers a call or when there is a busy signal and the call is answered by a voice mail, fax machine or any other answering machine. The dialer is intelligent enough to forward only live calls to agents.

The predictive dialer basically improves productivity. For starters, it doesn’t dial a single number at a time. The system is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously thus increasing the chances of a call center agent getting through to a live call. Furthermore, your agents will never have to waste their time on busy signals, incorrect numbers and voice mail messages.

Additionally, the system will enhance the volume of calls that can be handled in a day. You will be able to reach out to more clients considering the fact that, multiple numbers are dialed for each client. The other huge benefit is that, the dialer allows agents to be more interactive since they can transfer calls to other specialists.

In essence, an effective predictive dialer will help to enhance customer satisfaction. The systems can be set up in such a way that, dialing is restricted at certain times bearing in mind the different time zones of clients. There are so many other variables that can be used to enhance customer satisfaction. For instance, some systems even schedule call backs for agents.

With a proper predictive dialer, a call center is able to keep track of its progress. It will give you the right figures of calls which have been hung up, those that have ended up in a sale and others which were not convincing. These are very important aspects in your marketing efforts and can be used to make critical decisions in your campaign. The initial cost of buying the entire system is quite high but the fact that it streamlines all call center operations makes it ultimately worthwhile.

Remote Desktop Connection: How It Works

One of the modern day facts that we all have to deal with is mobile computing.  For most businesses, the ability to log into the office computer and using a remote desktop connection to access the computer is of utmost importance.  Remote access software gives the user the ability to log in and access files, media, trouble shoot, install software and more.  With this kind of a connection you are able to use the keyboard and mouse and to see the movements that the mouse is making on the other computer.  Basically, you will be using your keyboard and mouse on the other computer as you would on your own.

One of the major benefits of using remote desktop connection is that you do not have to be physically present to do whatever it is you need to do.  So if you want to retrieve a file from a computer that is in the office while at home, all you have to do is log into it and get the file you need.  In addition, you can do this with one computer or several of them.  If you have remote access to more than one computer, the management and control of all of them will be in a central location so that all the work that needs to be done including configuration, support, troubleshooting, and administration can be done from one place.

Depending on how many users will have access to the program at the same time, you may want to go with more modern remote desktop connection software.  Some of the older versions will only allow for one user at a time, while more modern ones will allow for two to log in at the same time.  The program you choose will have to be based on your requirements and the cost for each one will depend on how many computers you will link to the program as well as the features you will want on it.

Although in the past there were lag times experienced with remote desktop connection software, today the high internet speeds that are in place make access immediate and access is now simultaneous.  One is also able to chat with the person troubleshooting from the central computer, which comes in handy when there is need for immediate feedback.  In addition, one is able to capture screenshots or to record the session, which makes proper documentation easy.

Understand the benefits of Mobile Web Promotion

Tiny businesses must be adhere to the guidelines and standards set in place pertainingMobileMarketing to mobile web promotion. Mobile content providers such as Yahoo and Google have been selling promotion placement which means that when customers search online through their mobile devices they can see immediate links and content pertaining to your business. Tiny businesses can use mobile promotion for over reaching customers with promotional knowledge. Tiny businesses can utilize mobile promotion to send reminders about seminars, meetings, and important events to those employees or customers which are not usually at their computers.

Proximity marketing means broadcasting information to mobile users who are within sure geographic areas. This means that you can send information about promotional events to individuals who are all within a specific area near your company. You can send information to customers based on their current location thanks to new GPS chips built in to rings. Not only does this mean that you reach your intended customer base, but you reach someone who is together with your intended customer base and soon generate more business and more repeat clients who provide their mobile phone numbers for mobile marketing purposes. The responses this marketing feature can generate are well worth the minimal financial investment, making it an ideal venue from which to market or promote services or products offered by small businesses on a tight budget.